GB Instagram APK downloads [Latest 2020]

GB Instagram APK downloads [Latest 2021]

GB Instagram APK is one of the secured and reliable extension apps for Instagram. Using the app, you will be able to customize the Instagram app with your default account without making any changes to the format. the app has a number of exciting features that lets you download files, copy the link from media files, preview images in a new window, change profile colors, add customer colors to profile, themes, and much more. In short, it is a complete customization app for your Instagram to make it interactive and exclusive.

If you are bored of using the same and regular version of Instagram, then Instagram plus APK Download is the right option for you. The app is getting popular among the people due to its flexibility and ultimate options for adding new things. All the features are active and available for users so they do not have to get multiple apps for similar tasks.

What is new in the GB Instagram APK version 2021?

The previous version of the Instagram downloader offers you multiple features but in version 2021, you will get some updates. It is a bug-free and all upgrade version that lets you take social media app usage to the next level.

  • Downloading media files

Downloading Instagram, files, and pictures are not possible in the native app. You can only take screenshots in case you want to save a picture. The other option is to share the image using an in-app interface that keeps the tack of sharing. With the help of an Instagram downloader, you will be able to download media files from Instagram easily. You just have to press and hold the picture or video in-app; you will get the quick download option in the drop-down menu.

By tapping the download option, you will get the media to download in your gallery or respective folder. The GB Instagram APK never limits your options to download media files so you can have as much download as you want.

Preview all media

The official Instagram interface does not allow you to preview the media files on the full screen. You can only view the media visible on-screen portion. The Instagram Downloader latest version 2021 brings you the preview of the media files easy. By pressing and holding the media files, you will be able to select the preview option on the full screen easily.

  • Hide story view history

We all want to keep somethings secret such has viewing story. If you do not want to let others know whether you have seen their stories or not. Then, you can hide the option using GB Instagram APK. It is simple and quick. You just have to select the hide option for view and it is done.

  • Supports external player

Unfortunately, you cannot view the media files in any external player. If you have a customized player on the phone to play videos then you cannot play Instagram videos in it. However, with GB Instagram, it is possible to open your videos in an external player. Just click on the three dots above the desired video and select the GB option from the list.

  • Use multi-account

Although it is possible to manage multiple accounts in the original Instagram application it is confusing. You cannot use both accounts at a time and have to switch to the other account frequently. You do not have to sign out to use the other account using the Instagram Downloader. It is quick, convenient, and helpful as well.

  • No ban threats

Commonly the original apps ban accounts that are using extension apps for modification. It seems a threat to their interface and user may have to close the account. With the GB Instagram APK latest version 2021, you do not have to fear about the account ban. It comes with a foolproof option that lets you use the Instagram account freely.

How to get Instagram plus APK Download?

Getting the Instagram plus APK Download is not difficult or tricky at all. You just need to get the download link of the latest version that is 1.60 version of the app and get the app download. It is one of the popular versions of the app that provides all the pre-installed features come in version 1.70. Getting this version will bring you all the latest options to upgrade your Instagram profile easily.


Here are some important questions answered about the Instagram downloader that lets you believe in the app.

Is it secure to download GB Instagram APK?

Although Instagram APK is a third-party application it is secured to download. The app has millions of satisfied and regular users. It keeps the account secure and does not affect your reach or other analytics.

Why I need to have Instagram APK latest version?

The latest version comes with some of the integral advancements that will allow you to use Instagram with more options. You can customize the settings, download and view media files, hide history view options, and use multiple accounts that are not possible in the original app.

Is it free to download GB Instagram APK?

Yes, it is free to download the latest version to improve your user experience for Instagram.

Can I get GB Instagram APK for PC?

It is commonly not possible to use any android-based app on PC. By having the android emulator on your PC, you can get GB Instagram APK for your PC along with other android apps.


GB Instagram APK is one of the secure and effective extension apps for Instagram users. It brings you limitless opportunities to modify and transform their use of the Instagram app. The APK app comes with no chance of account blockage and all bugs fixed. It is easy to download and use the app on mobile devices with all its features activated. Version 1.60 is one of the convenient and updated options with all latest and previous features embed.

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